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ticles and make speeche▓s to call on people to pay more attention to animal and e▓nvironmental protection.In 1998, Guo Geng joined David's Deer Park in Beijing as an animal expert and volun▓teer. It is the new home of milu, which went extinct in China a century ago. Guo said, "This species of de▓er was first made known to Western science in the 19th cent▓ury, by Father Armand Davi

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ing to the Chinese emperor. After Fat▓her David publicized their existence, a few animals were illega


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China, only 18 milu survived in England.Artif▓icial insemination technology had not been used until ▓the year 2007. Guo Geng built a graveyard for extinct animals within this park, with 145 species of animal's tombstones topple unto each other like dominos. Facing the 10▓0-meter-long gr

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aveyard, Guo is worried.Guo said, "Hundreds o▓f species have gone extinct on the Earth, and soon human beings will meet their dooms day. I designed the ▓graveyard to repent to the animals. I also wrote an epitaph and inscribed on a tablet on April 22nd, 1999, which is Earth Day."In 2000, Guo Geng's